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On the Issues

Supporting Our Farmers and Rural Economies

Supporting Our Farmers and Rural Economies

In Wisconsin — America’s Dairyland — our farmers have always tied our rural communities together and moved our economy forward. That’s why we must do everything we can to ensure our rural towns and farms succeed. As a member of the vital Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee, Tammy is making sure Washington puts Wisconsin’s needs first in the next Farm Bill.

Taking on Unfair Trade Barriers

When Tammy heard from Wisconsin dairy farmers that Canada was undercutting Wisconsin milk by imposing unfair trade barriers, she immediately sounded the alarm. Canadian trade policy had already cost Wisconsin companies tens of millions of dollars, so Tammy immediately called for a federal investigation, sat down with Canadian officials, and urged the USDA to support Wisconsin farmers by helping market Wisconsin milk and purchase surplus dairy products.

Tammy is working hard to make sure our trade agreements are being enforced and that our farmers have the support they need.

Protecting Wisconsin’s Timber and Paper

As Wisconsin’s legendary paper and forest products industries face challenging times, Tammy is standing up to special interests and making Washington work for Made in Wisconsin businesses. Tammy has visited active timber sites, toured lumber mills, and brought top US officials to Wisconsin to discuss how we can strengthen our timber economy. Tammy changed the way the Forest Service works by ushering in the use of Good Neighbor Authority and Stewardship Contracting to create a more stable supply of timber from our federal forest lands.

Wisconsin paper companies are facing challenges at home and abroad as big banks and hedge funds target mills, and China’s cheating causes prices to plummet. After China dumped cheap paper in America, Tammy testified at the Federal Trade Commission and pushed for stronger trade protections for paper products. And when a predatory hedge fund closed down the paper mill in Brokaw, Tammy introduced the bipartisan Brokaw Act to prevent that tragedy from happening to any other town. Likewise, when a big bank closed Appleton Coated in Combined Locks, Tammy took them to task and called them out for their short term game that lined their pockets but left Wisconsin behind.

Standing Up for Dairy Farmers and Cheese Makers

America’s Dairyland produces the best milk and cheese in the world, so when Washington bureaucrats try to stand in the way of Wisconsin dairy, Tammy steps up and puts Wisconsin first.

Imitation dairy products are taking advantage of the hard work dairy farmers do every day in Wisconsin. Washington food regulators look the other way as grocery store shelves are stocked with “milk” cartons that don’t contain a drop of real dairy. Tammy’s bipartisan DAIRY PRIDE Act does right by our dairy farmers by stopping plant-based drinks from stealing the good name of Wisconsin milk.

And when the FDA tried to tell Wisconsin’s world-renowned cheese makers to stop using traditional wood boards for aging, Tammy stepped in and told the regulators to back-off. Working hand-in-hand with Wisconsin’s dairy industry, Tammy successfully pressured the Washington regulators to reverse their decision.

Tammy is leading the charge to pass the DAIRY PRIDE Act and the CURD Act, two critical bills that will protect Wisconsin dairy farmers and cheesemakers.

Tammy also worked to help dairy farmers expand their businesses and modernize their production strategies. She wrote the law that created the Dairy Business Innovation Initiatives Program that is helping farmers create new Made in Wisconsin dairy products and reach new markets.