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Bolstering Made In Wisconsin Manufacturing

Bolstering Made In Wisconsin Manufacturing

In Wisconsin, we make things — everything from paper, engines, tools, and ships to beer, brats, and cheese. It is a long and proud tradition. That’s why Tammy has made building a Made in Wisconsin manufacturing economy a top priority.

Tammy is continuing to build a Made in Wisconsin economy by working across party lines to champion strong Buy American rules, confront unfair trade deals, and create good paying Wisconsin jobs.

Buy American

American workers are the best in the world, yet they face an unfair disadvantage when it comes to competing against countries like China and Russia. In Washington, big multinational corporations bring in their lobbyists to keep the system rigged in their favor, while American workers are left behind.

Tammy is standing up for Wisconsin workers and taking on those powerful special interests by fighting for strong Buy American rules, which were included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the National Defense Authorization Act. The passing of these bills ensure our manufacturers have a level playing field because American taxpayer dollars should be going toward buying American products and hiring American workers — not propping up foreign-made iron and steel.

Tammy was proud to support the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, an historic new law that will create hundreds of thousands of good-paying manufacturing, transportation, and construction jobs while rebuilding America. In the Senate, Tammy secured the inclusion of key provisions of her Made in America Act in that law to support American manufacturing. Because of Tammy’s work, more federal infrastructure projects will be required to use American-made materials. Tammy’s legislation also expands Buy America to common construction materials such as copper, plastic, concrete, glass, lumber and drywall.

Creating Wisconsin Jobs

Tammy is working to create a Made in Wisconsin manufacturing economy that is built to last by investing in workers and the next generation of Wisconsin’s manufacturers.

Tammy introduced landmark job training legislation that would scale up Wisconsin’s apprenticeship programs and provide more people with the skills they need to succeed. Tammy’s apprenticeship bill would invest in public-private partnerships between schools and local businesses that are training future Wisconsin workers.

Wisconsin’s manufacturing economy will continue to thrive and innovate and we must make sure Wisconsin’s next generation of workers are ready to take the Badger State to the next level. Tammy worked across party lines to pass her bipartisan Manufacturing Universities Act, and now this law is helping engineering programs across the country meet the demands of modern manufacturing.