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Communications Workers of America D4 Endorses Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate

Communications Workers of America D4 Endorses Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate

Today, the Communications Workers of America D4 announced their endorsement for Tammy Baldwin’s U.S. Senate reelection campaign.

“Sen. Tammy Baldwin knows that Labor and Working families are the backbone of America,” said CWA D4 Vice President Linda L. Hinton. “Tammy is a proven leader who will make sure ALL Americans have the resources and support necessary to be healthy and successful. Her commitment to protecting our rights and freedoms will never be questioned. We look forward to working with Senator Baldwin during her next term.”

“Our workers are the backbone of our economy and keep our country going strong, that’s why I’ll always work hard to do right by them. I’m honored to receive Communications Workers of America  D4’s support because they fight for the rights of our workers in so many important industries,” said Tammy Baldwin. “I promise that I’ll keep taking on the big fights for our workers every single day.”

Tammy Baldwin has served Wisconsin in the Senate since 2013. She has worked with Republicans and Democrats to take on the biggest fights and win, passing legislation to promote Made in America manufacturing, lower the price of prescription drugs like insulin, and expand health care for veterans. She is the author of the Women’s Health Protection Act which guarantees equal access to abortion everywhere in the United States.