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Wisconsin’s Senate race is TIED

Tammy Baldwin is TIED with her GOP opponent in the latest polls. This Senate race could be one of the closest in the nation, and the only way we’ll protect Tammy’s seat and the Senate majority is with your support. Chip in to Tammy’s campaign today:

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ICYMI: Tammy Baldwin Announces Reelection Campaign to Continue Taking on Big Fights for Working Wisconsinites

ICYMI: Tammy Baldwin Announces Reelection Campaign to Continue Taking on Big Fights for Working Wisconsinites

In case you missed it, Tammy Baldwin announced she is running for reelection for the U.S. Senate in 2024. Described this week as a “tested competitor” and “formidable opponent” who “attract[s] independent voters,” and has the “ability to appeal to both urban progressives and rural voters in Republican-leaning districts,” Tammy is prepared to keep taking on the big fights and standing up for working Wisconsinites in the U.S. Senate. 

From delivering good paying Made in Wisconsin jobs, lowering healthcare and prescription drug costs, expanding services for millions of our veterans, and fighting against right-wing attacks on our freedoms, Tammy will always put the people of Wisconsin first.

To round out her reelection announcement, Tammy appeared on MSNBC’s The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell, where she spoke about the stakes of this election and her commitment to taking on the big fights to better the lives of each and every Wisconsinite. 

See below for more coverage of Tammy’s reelection announcement:


Cap Times: Tammy Baldwin seeks 6 more years as ‘fighter’ for working people, abortion access

  • “She has proven to be a formidable statewide candidate, first defeating Republican former Gov. Tommy Thompson by 5.6 points in 2012, then fending off a 2018 challenge from Republican former state Sen. Leah Vukmir with a nearly 11-point victory.”


Wisconsin Examiner: Tammy Baldwin’s good timing

  • “Baldwin has become Exhibit A in national discussions of Democratic strategy. Pundits marvel at her ability to appeal to both urban progressives and rural voters in Republican-leaning districts. Even as political polarization has divided the electorate into ever more hostile camps, Baldwin manages to motivate a young, diverse base in Madison and Milwaukee while getting farmers and small town residents in bright red Western Wisconsin to vote for her, too. Her secret is simple: she works hard, gets to know her constituents, and fights for the things they care about.”
  • “On the same day she announced her 2024 campaign, she traveled to Eau Claire to tout $5 million in federal money she helped secure for technical colleges in the area to recruit and train rural health care workers. That’s vintage Baldwin, bringing home the bacon and addressing nuts and bolts problems like health care access, the labor shortage and the need to strengthen local economies. She speaks fluent agriculture and manufacturing and doesn’t let partisanship get in her way.”


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Tammy Baldwin launches re-election bid, setting up 2024 Senate battle in Wisconsin

  • “Baldwin is a proven fundraiser and is seen in the state as a formidable opponent. She defeated former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson by 5 points in 2012 and Leah Vukmir by 11 points in 2018 — large margins in a battleground state accustomed to close finishes.”


AP: Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin launches run for 3rd term

  • “In [2018], which came two years after Donald Trump won Wisconsin, Baldwin solidified Democratic support while attracting independent voters with her message that she was looking out for the best interests of everyone in the state. A tireless campaigner, her victory in the swing state was closely analyzed and followed by Democratic candidates who also found success, including Gov. Tony Evers, who won reelection in 2022. Her strategy included highly targeted digital ads on a variety of issues and competing for voters outside of the Democratic strongholds in Madison and Milwaukee.”