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Wisconsin’s Senate race is TIED

Tammy Baldwin is TIED with her GOP opponent in the latest polls. This Senate race could be one of the closest in the nation, and the only way we’ll protect Tammy’s seat and the Senate majority is with your support. Chip in to Tammy’s campaign today:

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Working For Wisconsin

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Putting Wisconsin First: Meet Tammy

Tammy Baldwin is committed to making sure that Wisconsin families, not just big corporate special interests or the super wealthy, have someone working hard for them. With so much at stake, from families struggling with rising costs to a ban on reproductive freedom, Wisconsinites need someone who can show up, go to work, and get the job done. Tammy’s record of securing meaningful wins for working people is exactly why Wisconsinites across the political spectrum are backing her for reelection.

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Democrats lost Wisconsin’s last Senate race by just 1%. We’re counting on your support to make sure it doesn’t happen again this November. Chip in to Tammy Baldwin’s reelection campaign today to help her defend this battleground seat and keep Wisconsin blue.

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Tammy's Record of

Working for Wisconsin

Tammy has spent her entire career fighting to do right by Wisconsin families. She stands up for our workers, our veterans, our students and our small business owners who need someone in Washington working for them.

Tammy knows that America runs on what Wisconsin makes. Tammy is leading the fight for stronger Made in America rules so our roads, bridges, and pipes are made with American iron and steel.

Tammy is a champion for women’s freedoms, fighting to restore Wisconsinites’ right to make their own health care decisions in the face of the 1849 abortion ban. She is the author of the Women’s Health Protection Act which guarantees equal access to abortion everywhere in the United States.

Tammy passed legislation to cap insulin prices at $35 per month for seniors and crack down on drug corporations that jack up the price of prescription drugs.

Tammy is leading the charge for affordable health care for all Wisconsinites. She worked to defeat the partisan health care repeal efforts and championed the reforms to protect people with pre-existing conditions and allow kids to stay on their parents’ plans until 26.

Tammy knows firsthand about the need to combat the opioid crisis. She is pushing Washington to step-up and fight the epidemic in Wisconsin with stronger support for local prevention, treatment, and recovery efforts.

Tammy led the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act last year, protecting same-sex and interracial marriages across the country from right wing attacks.

Tammy is standing up for our veterans and working across party lines to make sure they have the quality care they have earned and deserve. Tammy helped pass legislation to expand VA health care and benefits to the more than 3.5 million veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits during their service, the most significant expansion of veteran benefits and care in more than three decades.

Tammy is a proud advocate for Wisconsin’s best-in-the-world milk and cheese. Her DAIRY PRIDE Act does right by our dairy farmers by stopping plant-based drinks from stealing the good name of Wisconsin milk.

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