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The Koch brothers just launched a $1.6 MILLION advertising campaign against me, all because I won’t support tax cuts for the rich. I guess when you’re a billionaire, you can throw a pretty big tantrum! Since the ads certainly aren’t going to tell you the truth, I will. I do want to cut taxes, but […]

The narrow Republican majority in the Senate needs to put working families first, but instead they keep giving power to special interests. Last night’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rollback is just the latest atrocity — it takes power away from working people and gives it back to the Big Banks, removing their right to hold […]

With Republicans in control of Congress, hardworking families are getting a raw deal. Wages are stagnant. The cost of necessities like prescriptions or child care is rising. Infrastructure is crumbling. Tammy is working to level the playing field and make the lives of hardworking Wisconsinites better. Take the quick survey and let us know where […]

Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP are planning on sending their eventual health care bill to a vote with NO committee discussion.. It looks like Senate Republicans are hoping James Comey’s hearing will divert our attention away from their health care bill. But it won’t. If their plan is anything like the House GOP’s, which […]

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