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At the Democratic National Convention this week in Charlotte, Tammy will be speaking Thursday night — in prime time, in the lead up to the President. This is an amazing opportunity for her, and for our campaign!

It was a busy first week of the general election, and Tammy’s only getting started! As she traveled across the state, she met with Wisconsin workers and middle class families, heard their stories and shared her plan to boost the middle class and Wisconsin manufacturing.

Tammy toured St. Norbert College in De Pere to learn more about St. Norbert’s STEM program -an initiative to prepare students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

Tammy’s newest TV ad, in which she talks about the BUY American Bill. “While the Coast Guard protects our shores, we can also protect our jobs.”

This summer Tammy’s coming to communities all across Wisconsin to start an honest dialogue with voters about how we can protect the middle class, strengthen Wisconsin manufacturing, and rebuild a “Made in Wisconsin” economy.

Tammy talks about being raised by her grandparents and her commitment to strengthening and protecting the retirement security of Wisconsin seniors.