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Meet Jim. Jim has a story many can relate to – in the past, he’s supported Tommy Thompson. But, not anymore – Tommy went to Washington to work for the special interests. He’s not on our side anymore. Tommy’s changed. Add your voice:

Tommy Thompson left Wisconsin for Washington and went to work for George Bush, where he cut a sweetheart deal with drug companies that increased the cost to taxpayers. He was the “point man” on a plan to make it illegal for the government to negotiate lower prescription drug prices.

Tommy Thompson was a consultant to a company that taught businesses how to outsource jobs.

“I don’t want a Senator that’s an expert on outsourcing, I want a Senator that’s an expert on fighting for us,” – Heath Ver Bockel, Appleton

Throughout her career in public service, Baldwin has fought to make college financing more affordable, so that students from working and middle class families have access to higher education.

Tammy’s fighting for fairness — that’s why she sponsored the Buffett Rule in Congress, which says that millionaires and billionaires should have to pay at least the same tax rate as middle class families.