Photo ID Laws Suppress Wisconsin Voters

There’s no two ways about it — Governor Walker and Republican state legislators’ photo-ID requirements disenfranchise Wisconsin voters.

Republicans say these laws are intended to stop voter fraud. But voter fraud is virtually non-existent. These laws are intended to suppress the vote — and that’s exactly what they did last year.

The photo-ID requirements for voting in Wisconsin are a nightmare for students, the elderly, and many low-income communities where taking time off from work to obtain a government-issued photo ID simply isn’t feasible.

Consider these stats:

  • By one estimate 300,000 eligible voters in Wisconsin lacked valid photo IDs heading into the election.
  • A study showed Wisconsin’s photo-ID law reduced turnout by 200,000 votes in 2016, accounting for disproportionately high reduction in Democratic-leaning voters.

Every eligible voter in Wisconsin should get to cast a ballot. Help us organize to put an end to restrictive photo ID laws for voting.