Happy Mother’s Day. Help Stop the AHCA

Today, we celebrate motherhood. We honor all the mothers out there for their love, selflessness and strength. This year, however, we need to do more than give mom a card and flowers.

We have to make sure women are not penalized by our health care system for being moms or wanting to start a family.

The House GOP health care plan could do this. If the AHCA becomes law, states could give insurance companies the go-ahead to get rid of essential benefits and charge people with pre-existing conditions or those at-risk for pre-existing conditions higher premiums.

Plans would no longer have to cover maternity care and prenatal care—leaving families on the hook for thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. Even without complications, a pregnant woman could be forced to pay $17,000 more in premiums.

Insurers could also consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition.

The AHCA makes being a woman and a mother more difficult, expensive, and dangerous.

It’s no way to honor America’s mothers today or any other day. Add your name to Tammy’s petition to stop it.