My Actual Tax Plan

The Koch brothers just launched a $1.6 MILLION advertising campaign against me, all because I won’t support tax cuts for the rich. I guess when you’re a billionaire, you can throw a pretty big tantrum!

Since the ads certainly aren’t going to tell you the truth, I will. I do want to cut taxes, but not for the Koch brothers, and Donald Trump, and the rich few that the Republican tax plan helps. I want to cut them for you.

I’m fighting for tax breaks for middle class families and working people. In fact, just this month I re-introduced my Stronger Way Act, which expands the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit. You can watch me talk about it here!

American families are working harder and harder, and they aren’t getting ahead. I’m ready for a tax plan that restores dignity to work, and helps those who need it — not the wealthy few.

And don’t be fooled that the Republican plan is about a sense of fiscal responsibility — this plan is just a massive giveaway to the special interests and their mega-donors. In fact, I introduced a budget amendment which would have stopped these new tax cuts from raising the deficit. And Republicans voted it down.

The bottom line is this — I’m not going to support a plan that rigs the system even more for the rich and powerful and hurts Wisconsin. I’m fighting to put working families first, no matter how many ads the Koch brothers run.

— Tammy