Tammy leading all three Republicans in latest poll

A new poll released today by the respected independent survey group Public Policy Polling shows Tammy Baldwin ahead of each of the three GOP candidates in Wisconsin's race for US Senate.

The poll showed Baldwin leading Tommy Thompson 46% — 45%; ahead of Mark Neumann 47% — 41%; and besting Jeff Fitzgerald 47% — 39%.

"These numbers show that Wisconsin voters want a fighter in the US Senate who will stand up for middle class and working families, and who isn't afraid to take on the powerful special interests," said Baldwin for Senate Senior Advisor Phil Walzak.

In addition to showing that Wisconsin voters prefer Baldwin over each of the Republicans, the poll analysis showed:

  • Baldwin leads with Independents in all three matchups: Baldwin wins independents over Thompson 47% — 41%; over Neumann 48% — 36%; and over Fitzgerald 49% — 31%.
  • Thompson no longer has broad crossover appeal; "Only 17% of Democrats see him positively and his 41%/42% spread with independents matches his overall numbers. Those aren't the kinds of numbers that let him win 60% in his last race for Governor."
  • Thompson not popular with the right; "47% of voters generally want someone more conservative than him to be the nominee to 37% who say he's their choice. And he's actually the third choice of Tea Party voters, getting 28% behind Fitzgerald's 33% and Neumann's 32%."
  • Wisconsin voters don't have positive views of Neumann or Fitzgerald: "Neither Neumann (23%/34%) not Fitzgerald (19%/38%) has very good favorability ratings."

See full results on the PPP survey here: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/2012/02/baldwin-thompson-contest-a-toss-up.html


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