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Latest Headlines


One of the most significant achievements of the Affordable Care Act is its requirement that employers’ health care plans cover contraception. According to the New York Times, President Trump plans to roll back this mandate. He could allow employers to be able to opt out of providing coverage for preventative services like birth control. Prior […]

The Congressional Budget Office just confirmed our worst fears. After thorough analysis, the CBO determined that the House GOP and Trump’s health care plan would result in 23 million Americans losing their health insurance by 2026. It basically undoes all the hard work we did to get more Americans coverage when we passed the Affordable […]

The Washington Post was able to get an early look at President Trump’s preliminary education budget. It’s as bad for our public education system as you might expect. It could slash $10.6 billion from the education budget—and the programs hit hardest are ones that help disadvantaged students, low-income school districts, and college students. Every child […]

There’s no two ways about it — Governor Walker and Republican state legislators’ photo-ID requirements disenfranchise Wisconsin voters. Republicans say these laws are intended to stop voter fraud. But voter fraud is virtually non-existent. These laws are intended to suppress the vote — and that’s exactly what they did last year. The photo-ID requirements for […]

Today, we celebrate motherhood. We honor all the mothers out there for their love, selflessness and strength. This year, however, we need to do more than give mom a card and flowers. We have to make sure women are not penalized by our health care system for being moms or wanting to start a family. […]

Big news — I’m proud to be cosponsor a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $15. The fight for $15 is an important one for working Wisconsinites who want a chance to work hard and get ahead. Right now, a person making the minimum wage in Wisconsin makes $15,080 a year, making it […]

The federal government’s budget expires on April 28th. Congress and President Trump have 4 days to prevent a government shutdown. But President Trump needs to know we cannot support a budget that unfairly burdens working families. President Trump’s proposed budget would slash funding for local programs including community learning centers, heating assistance, community development grants, and […]

It’s not too often that President Trump fully agrees with me on something, so it was a rare day this week when he came out in support of my Buy America legislation. In fact, he said he agreed with my bill 100%. And he came to Wisconsin to make his announcement, where I’ve been talking […]

Judge Gorsuch’s record is troublesome. He has a history of adhering to an extremely narrow interpretation of the law and siding in favor of corporations. Here’s an example: Judge Gorsuch sided against a trucker who was fired from his trucking company for taking action to save his own life when his trailer broke down in […]