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U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin urged activists at the state Democratic Party Convention in Oshkosh Friday to bring the same intensity to her race that they did in blocking the Republican health care bill. “You own the defeat of that cynical bill,” Baldwin said. “Know your power. That was you.” Baldwin repeatedly returned to the issue […]

In a measured speech, Baldwin called out “powerful special interests” who are “pouring millions of dollars into Wisconsin because they want a bought-and-paid-for senator.” “These out-of-state billionaires think they can buy a U.S. Senate seat, as if they aren’t getting enough already from Washington,” she told 800 delegates gathered at the Oshkosh Convention Center. The […]

Strong grassroots support from all 72 counties and a cutting-edge field team counter special interest outside spending against Tammy WISCONSIN- Today, Tammy Baldwin for Senate delivered a record-breaking over 13,000 signatures from all 72 counties to the Wisconsin Elections Commission. The Tammy Baldwin for Senate campaign exceeded the required number of signatures by over 11,000, […]

Speaking at a hushed Senate committee hearing in February, Indiana nurse Becky Savage described the worst day of her life: After finding her son Jack unresponsive in his bedroom after a night of partying, she began CPR, only to see paramedics rushing into her basement to help his brother Nick. Savage testified that she hoped […]

Democratic supporters and candidates came out for the opening of the Juneau County Democrat headquarters at 215 East State Street in Mauston May 19. The event was held in the building’s spacious ballroom. Among the attendees was U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, who gave a speech and offered encouragement to other Democratic candidates heading into the […]

Interview by the Shepherd Express. You’re in the middle of your campaign, and you’ve been traveling around the state. What are you hearing from your constituents? I would say in some cases it’s issues and in some cases, it’s wanting to be involved politically. Constituents are concerned about healthcare and about getting ahead in a […]

Earlier this month, I decided to tell a very personal story that I hadn’t shared with many people before. I often talk about being raised by my grandparents, especially during discussions about strengthening Social Security or Medicare, supporting family caregivers or tackling prescription drug prices. But what I usually didn’t say is why I was […]

When Teen Vogue interviewed Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, the Democrat had just completed a busy week that included cosponsoring bipartisan legislation to fund school security improvements and invest in early prevention and intervention programs for students, school officials, and law enforcement. Baldwin, 56, is also gearing up for a reelection campaign that some are calling the top Senate race […]

Last week, Senator Tammy Baldwin (D–Wis.), who is up for reelection in November 2018, recently opened up for the first time about her mother’s on-and-off battle with opioid addiction. After the Associated Press reported on Baldwin’s candid remarks on the crisis, which claimed more than 64,000 lives in 2016, Baldwin dropped a new ad in which she recalled how she’d had to “pound” […]