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WAUSAU — Wisconsinites today responded to Tammy Baldwin’s decisive victory and Leah Vukmir’s desperate attempts to distract from her record during last night’s debate in Wausau: “As a State Representative, I know Leah Vukmir, and what I saw last night was a new low from an increasingly desperate politician,” said State Representative Katrina Shankland. “Despite what […]

AUDIO: Listen to debate day recap call from this morning Vukmir’s previous desperate attacks deemed “false”, “pants on fire”, “absurd smear” WAUSAU — Ahead of the second U.S. Senate debate, Leah Vukmir has been leveling increasingly desperate attacks. Leah Vukmir’s previous attacks have been called “false”, “pants on fire” and an “absurd smear” by non-partisan […]

MADISON — The day before the second debate, just hours after reports of Vukmir committing pay-to-play politics and following two polls this week showing Leah Vukmir down double digits — Leah Vukmir’s campaign is responding by again doubling down on killing a bill that requires insurance companies cover oral chemotherapy. “Leah Vukmir should read the reports […]

Dear Editor: I am writing to share the reasons why I support the re-election of Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Tammy is the only candidate who’s in our corner, and she’s the only one fighting for Wisconsinites, not special interests and out-of-state billionaires who are trying to buy our Senate seat. I suggest that you watch the […]

New Marquette Poll: 93% of Wisconsin voters say it’s important to require coverage for pre-existing conditions MADISON — In a new Tammy Baldwin for Senate ad, Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions outline the choice this election between Tammy Baldwin and Leah Vukmir: “It’s a pretty clear choice. Leah Vukmir is for the insurance companies and Tammy Baldwin’s […]

Over 200 SENIORS FOR TAMMY Announced at Event Highlighting Tammy Baldwin’s Leadership to Protect Their Care, Retirement “Tammy’s work for Wisconsin seniors — including her efforts to strengthen and protect Social Security and Medicare — stands in stark contrast to Leah Vukmir” MADISON — Seniors from across Wisconsin today announced SENIORS FOR TAMMY, a coalition […]

Milwaukee Leaders Highlight Tammy Baldwin’s Strong First Debate MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee leaders today highlighted U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin’s record of standing up to special interests and doing right by Wisconsin following last night’s debate: “Senator Tammy Baldwin laid out her strong vision to lower health care costs, expand coverage and protect Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions,“ said […]