This Fight is Personal

Tammy knows the stigma associated with drug abuse and mental illness. She knows how the disease of addiction can destroy lives and rip families apart. So she’s working hard to bring people together to make sure Wisconsin has the resources to combat the opioid epidemic.

  • “Senator Baldwin has been a leader in halting the opioid epidemic that has plagued Wisconsin communities.” [WFRV, Green Bay – 5/1/18]
  • Tammy spearheaded a bipartisan effort that secured a $3 billion increase in federal funding to fight the national opioid epidemic. [WBAY, Green Bay – 4/2/18]
  • Tammy passed the Jason Simcakoski Memorial Opioid Safety Act, which sets strict prescribing guidelines for VA facilities; strengthens accountability and oversight; and provides safer pain management options for our veterans. [WSAW, Wausau – 7/21/17]
  • Tammy introduced the Andrew White Veterans Community Care Opioid Safety Act to strengthen opioid prescribing guidelines whether veterans receive care inside or outside of the VA. [WKOW, Madison – 11/15/17]
  • Tammy authored legislation to slow the “revolving door” between government agencies and Big Pharma. [Washington Post, 11/2/17]
  • Tammy co-sponsored the Combating the Opioid Epidemic Act, which would invest billions in American communities to prevent, detect, and treat opioid addiction. [, 10/27/17]
  • Tammy is fighting for screening technology and resources at the border to slow the trafficking of synthetic opioids into the United States. [WBAY, Green Bay – 1/4/18]

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