Improving and Ensuring Water Quality

Improving and Ensuring Water Quality

Communities across the U.S. face serious challenges regarding the safety of their drinking water. We need to invest in solutions that will address our most pressing water challenges.

Accelerating Water Technologies

In Flint, Michigan, over 8,000 children were poisoned with lead because the government failed to protect the community’s local water supply. But there are more communities across the country that face the same challenges as Flint.

Although technology companies are developing solutions, they are not being put in place fast enough to make a difference for communities that are hurting now.

Tammy is working to change that by introducing a proposal that would help communities test and deploy innovative technologies that detect when water is contaminated in our homes. The measure would address the acceleration of a host of solutions for livestock waste treatment systems, green infrastructure and stream gauges to protect our lakes and rivers.

In addition, Tammy’s proposals would require 100% American-made iron and steel in our drinking water system, and creating jobs for Wisconsinites and manufacturers across the country.

Revitalizing Our Waterfront Communities

Many waterfront communities around the Great Lakes Region were built years ago to accommodate industries and development models that are no longer sustainable.

That’s why Tammy is working to revitalize our communities and make sure they are configured to ensure continued economic development and promote public access. To realize the full economic and environmental potential of our waterfront in Wisconsin and throughout the Great Lakes region, Tammy is pushing to attract water-dependent industries, ensure the resiliency of our waterfront in the face of weather extremes, open up public access to the waterfront, and spur recreation and tourism.

Despite the tremendous opportunity that waterfront development offers communities, many face challenges associated with financing and navigating intergovernmental hurdles.

Tammy’s waterfront revitalization measure addresses these challenges by providing funding for infrastructure updates and improved public access, creating a network to share best practices and offering a resilient waterfront community designation.