Baldwin decries “mess” in Washington during Kenosha campaign stop

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin rallied local Democrats on Sunday, decrying the “mess” in Washington, criticizing attacks ads and touting a plan to rein in drug prices.

“Washington is a mess. Anyone notice that? Whether it’s the fear we have when we wake up in the morning of ‘What did he tweet last night?’ or turning on cable news hearing the shout fest, people shouting past each other,” she said during the Kenosha County Democratic Party’s annual picnic in Washington Park.

“Whether it’s the nasty attack ads here in the state. … It’s chaotic; it’s dysfunctional; it’s distracting; it’s noisy. And, when Washington is a mess, it means it’s not working for us. It means it’s not functioning the way it should to be a champion of our communities, our families and the very issues and challenges,” she said.

She said she once wondered why she became the No. 1 target of political action committees funded by wealthy conservatives, who she said have spent more than $11 million on ads attacking her.

“And then I figured it out. They’re the ones who are winning in this messiness, in this distraction and dysfunction in Washington, D.C., and they know I stand up to them. Because I am standing up for you,” she said.

Baldwin, who is completing her first term in the Senate, is up for re-election in the fall. She has no primary challenger, but five Republicans are vying in the Aug. 14 primary to face her.

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