Raise the LGBT Pride flag: Demand President Trump Acknowledge Pride Month

It’s June, which means it’s time to celebrate LGBT Pride Month. We’re reflecting on how far we’ve come and honoring those whose courage helped move LGBT equality forward.

Pride month is a chance to celebrate historic victories, but it’s also a time to rededicate ourselves to achieving full LGBT equality.

In 2017, so far more than 100 anti-LGBT measures in 29 states were proposed. In February, the Justice and Education Departments rolled back President Obama’s protections for transgender students. As a whole, President Trump’s administration has failed to show it is committed to ensuring liberty and justice for all LGBT Americans.

President Trump has not acknowledged Pride month. By failing to say something, he fails to acknowledge the importance of our struggles for equality and hard-won freedoms.

Make sure President Trump hears us. Sign now to say you’re going to keep fighting for LGBT equality.