Join Tammy. Oppose Judge Gorsuch

Judge Gorsuch’s record is troublesome. He has a history of adhering to an extremely narrow interpretation of the law and siding in favor of corporations.

Here’s an example: Judge Gorsuch sided against a trucker who was fired from his trucking company for taking action to save his own life when his trailer broke down in sub-zero temperatures.

This wasn’t the only instance of Judge Gorsuch putting the rights of corporations over actual people. He sided with Hobby Lobby, allowing the company to deny contraceptive coverage to women.

Wisconsinites and all Americans need a Supreme Court Justice who will stand up for them. Judge Gorsuch won’t. He puts powerful interests ahead of the American worker. He wants big money in politics, and he didn’t offer any assurances in his hearing that he’ll protect women’s access to health care.

We need a Supreme Court justice who will represent all Americans. That’s not Judge Gorsuch. Add your name to oppose him.