A Rare Day

It’s not too often that President Trump fully agrees with me on something, so it was a rare day this week when he came out in support of my Buy America legislation. In fact, he said he agreed with my bill 100%.

And he came to Wisconsin to make his announcement, where I’ve been talking for years about the need to buy and hire American, particularly in our infrastructure projects

After making his own products just about everywhere but America for years, it’s good to see that he’s coming around.

Wisconsin and American workers just want a fair shake, but they can’t get that if even the US government is outsourcing manufacturing to the ends of the earth.

I hope President Trump is true to his word and puts his money where his mouth is. Either way, I’ll be watching and holding him accountable.

Because I’m always going to fight to invest more in American workers. I’m aways going to do everything I can to make the American dream a reality for more people. And I’m always going to bet on the people of Wisconsin.

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