I’m endorsing Keith Ellison for DNC Chairman

I hear the voices of Americans who are angry because they feel Washington is broken and it isn’t working for them.I also share deeply the concerns of our friends and neighbors who are afraid because they don’t believe the Republican establishment in Washington is committed the idea that we are stronger together, that America is great because we are a diverse and inclusive nation.

It’s important for progressives to speak truth to power and join together to take on the corporate lobbyists and Wall Street interests that are now calling the shots in Washington to make a rigged system work for them. Too many Americans are being left behind and we need to change that by building an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

That’s why I’m endorsing Keith Ellison to be Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

I will fight to make sure all Americans have an opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams. That is the promise of America and I will fight to make sure we keep it.

Please join me in this fight.