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MILWAUKEE — While the Republican U.S Senate candidates tear each other down in the Republican primary, Tammy Baldwin is releasing a new television ad today that focuses on her fight to lift the middle class up by strengthening Wisconsin’s manufacturing base and building a “Made in Wisconsin” economy. In the new ad “Engines,” Baldwin highlights her […]

Tammy Baldwin released the following statement: “Today our hearts go out to the families in Colorado who have endured unimaginable loss and we pray for the recovery of those who are injured.”

Eric Hovde and Tommy Thompson. Helping themselves, not the middle-class. Thompson? He cashed in at a DC firm that lobbies for special-interests. [Tommy Thompson, now worth $13 million] Hovde? The hedge fund banker who would let Wall Street write their own rules. He profits from companies that ship our jobs overseas and put millions in […]

By Tammy Baldwin  This week, the US Senate has a chance to get it right — to put an end to tax breaks for American businesses that move jobs overseas and reward those that create jobs here at home. For decades, middle class families have lost ground due to unfair trade deals and a tax […]

By Tammy Baldwin There’s an important debate being held in Washington today. It’s one that’s central to our democracy — and a fight the grassroots of Wisconsin know all too well. Ever since the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United, our political system has become a playing ground for secretive special interests. As I write […]

The Republican candidates vying to replace retiring Democratic Sen. Herb Kohl are stumbling over one another to express their determination to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Never mind that the U.S. Supreme Court, led by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, just rejected the silly conservative claim that the measure was unconstitutional. The Republicans who would […]

By Cameron Joseph Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) uses her own life story to attack the Republican Party on Medicare in a new ad. “My mother was just a teenager when I was born and I never met my father, but I was very fortunate that I had grandparents who raised me,” she says in the […]

MILWAUKEE — Tammy Baldwin’s campaign for U.S. Senate released a new television ad today across the state of Wisconsin. In the new ad, “Rock,” Baldwin talks about being raised by her grandparents and her commitment to strengthening and protecting the retirement security of Wisconsin seniors. “My mother was just a teenager when I was born and […]

by Lisa Mux When choosing your candidate for U.S. Senate, ask yourself this: do you want a candidate with a ton of money who can create crafty television ads or a candidate who has a proven track record of fighting for the middle class? Personally, I’d prefer the latter. So would other Waukesha County residents […]

by Tammy Baldwin What a weekend! I had a great time at our three community cookouts yesterday, spending some quality time with my fellow Wisconsinites as we celebrate Independence Day. We had perfect weather and the food was delicious, thanks to our very gracious hosts in Wauwatosa, Greendale and Whitefish Bay. Meeting new friends is […]