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by Tammy Baldwin I believe middle class families should have the peace of mind knowing they will have access to quality, affordable health care, regardless of any pre-existing condition. I believe Wisconsin small business owners should receive assistance to provide health coverage to their employees, allowing them to be more competitive in the global marketplace. […]

In 1998 I made the mistake of initially underestimating Tammy Baldwin’s sheer determination, political savvy and formidable personal attributes. Baldwin was the underdog in a hotly contested Democratic congressional primary and in the subsequent race against a moderate GOP opponent. And, she won handily, going on to represent the second congressional district in the U.S. […]

As I travel across Wisconsin, I do a lot of listening and wherever I go, people tell me about the frustration and insecurity they feel. They are frustrated with the ‘disconnect’ between the debates in Washington and the reality of their lives. Wisconsinites believe Washington just doesn’t get it, and they are right. They also […]

Baldwin Leads Bi-Partisan Fight to Crack Down on China Cheating and Protect “Made in Wisconsin” Jobs MILWAUKEE — Tammy Baldwin’s campaign for U.S. Senate released its first television ad, "Paper," today across the state of Wisconsin. The new ad highlights Baldwin's record of working across party lines and leading a bi-partisan fight to crack down […]

By Tammy Baldwin In the 40 years since the bipartisan Clean Air Act became law, toxic pollutants, including lead and mercury, in our lakes, streams and air have been greatly reduced. Even with more stringent oversight of manufacturing, the nation’s Gross Domestic Product has grown more than 200% and jobs in new clean technology industries […]

Contact: John Kraus 414-939-8376 “Washington’s corporate special interests are attacking Tammy Baldwin because she has a strong record of fighting for Wisconsin’s middle class and taking on corporate special interests in Washington.  These attacks are funded by secretive oil billionaires from out of state with a history of using corporate cash and shadowy front […]

Few days ago Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin toured the Marinette Marine Corp. shipyard in Marinette where she was briefed on the company’s work on the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) and other projects. Baldwin had been a strong advocate for bringing the Navy’s LCS contract work to Marinette Marine and other Wisconsin suppliers, including Fairbanks Morse […]

MILWAUKEE — Today U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin visited Broadwind Energy Inc. in Manitowoc where she toured the company’s wind turbine tower manufacturing facility. Broadwin Energy’s wind turbine tower manufacturing facility employs 300 people and is one of the largest employers in Manitowoc. It is the leading producer of multi-megawatt wind turbine towers and is the […]

She’s the lone Democrat on the ticket, and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin is not wasting any time winning over voters come November. She and four Republicans are vying for retiring U.S. Senator Herb Kohl’s seat. Baldwin says all four of the potential Republican candidates have embraced Representative Paul Ryan’s notion that we should eliminate the guarantee of Medicare, […]