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      DOWNLOAD THE NEW REPUBLICAN PRIMARY POLL. Tommy Thompson and Eric Hovde. They’re the Washington twins. Eric Hovde? He’s lived in Washington for the last 24 years. And Hovde got rich buying 33 banks that got $188 billion in bailout money. Tommy Thompson? He got rich joining a Washington D.C. firm that lobbies […]

By Mary Ann Swissler for the Women’s Media Center When is a landmark preventive care fund not quite one? When an escape route enabling unrelated Congressional whims makes its future uncertain. Make that Republicans’ whims, which have repeatedly thrown the $13 billion program into the legislative hopper like a ball on a roulette wheel. Women’s […]

From Care2: Wisconsin Representative Tammy Baldwin, who is running for the senate seat vacated by Democrat Herb Kohl’s retirement, has always made equal rights a key part of her platform.  But now she is actively pushing Congress to stop paying lipservice to the idea of equal pay for equal work, and finally eliminate gender discrimination […]

Name: Ruthe Ann Bowen Hometown: Milwaukee Meet Ruthe Ann, one of Tammy Baldwin’s most dedicated volunteers and an early supporter of Tammy’s campaign for US Senate. In fact, you may already know Ruthe Ann, you might’ve heard her on your answering machine. If you have pleasure of talking with Ruthe Anne, you know by now […]

Tammy Baldwin’s statement: “I am proud of President Obama’s strong record of promoting fairness and equality. These are values I share, that we all share, and the pride I take in the President’s recognition today comes not just at a deeply personal level, but also because he has done the right thing for so many […]

Tammy Baldwin released the following statement: “Wisconsin Democrats are energized and united to defeat Scott Walker and elect Tom Barrett. Unlike the Republican primary for Senate where my opponents have already taken a negative turn and gone on the attack, this Democratic primary was not divisive. In every corner of the state, the people of […]

MILWAUKEE – U.S. Senator Herb Kohl will join Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin today for a visit to the UW-Eau Claire campus. Speaking with students, Kohl and Baldwin will address their efforts in Senate and Congress to make a college education more affordable for Wisconsinites. On July 1, unless Congress acts, interest rates will double for […]