A tireless leader Wisconsin can trust to fight for jobs and stand up for middle class families, workers and small business.

Investing in Our Futureissues-education

Providing everyone a quality, affordable education is the most important thing we can do to compete and win in the global economy. Throughout her career in public service, Tammy Baldwin has made investing in education a top priority.

Tammy sponsored legislation to improve access to early learning and child care programs. She has supported high standards in schools and measures that encourage accountability while providing states more flexibility to improve student achievement. With the right investments, we can keep more teachers in classrooms, reduce class sizes — why Tammy supported emergency K-12 funding included in the Recovery Act, a law that saved or created approximately 286,000 jobs in public schools across the country, helping thousands of children.

Fighting to make higher education more affordable, Tammy understands the importance of investing in Wisconsin’s public and private universities, technical schools and community colleges so that everyone has the skills and training they need to succeed. In Congress, she has supported student loan reform to make college financing more accessible and affordable. To succeed in the future’s global economy, students from working and middle class families need access to college and technical schools.

In 2008, Tammy voted in favor of reauthorizing the Higher Education Act and doubling the maximum number of Pell Grants — grants that make higher education more affordable. She also supported President Obama’s Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act in 2009, which overhauled the federal student loan program and removed over $60 million from the big banks. Those savings have gone to expanding Pell Grants and career training. And, in 2011, Tammy joined in support of the President’s actions to ease the burden of student loan debt for recent graduates.

Still fighting for Wisconsin’s students, Tammy is working to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling for Wisconsin college students — an increase of nearly $1,000 for the average Wisconsin students with higher education loans.

In the proud tradition of Wisconsin’s state motto, “Forward,” Tammy believes a commitment to investing in innovation and research will help grow our economy. Wisconsin, and particularly the University of Wisconsin system, has been a leader in research, science and innovation. She has been a strong advocate for public-private partnerships and government investments in the foundation of innovation — education, research and technology — which will make Wisconsin more competitive and help fuel economic growth for our state.