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Fact Check

  • FACT: Tammy Baldwin honors the memory of the victims of 9/11 and advocates to treat survivors and their families.

    Tammy Baldwin has voted to commemorate the tragedy of 9/11 nine times.

    And Tammy is one of only a handful of Members of Congress that voted 6 six times to provide medical help for ailments experienced by Ground Zero workers and first responders. In addition to advocating for victims’ families, Tammy Baldwin worked to improve the benefits and services provided to our military veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    When Congressional Republicans politicized a 2006 vote honoring the anniversary of 9/11, Tammy Baldwin opposed the measure for including divisive, political provisions in the run-up to the 2006 elections.

    Tammy Baldwin spoke out against the politicization on the five year anniversary of 9/11 and said the following:

    “This bill was cynically transformed from a memorial resolution to an endorsement of President Bush’s failed policies. The Republicans show enormous disrespect to the 9/11 victims and families by playing election year politics with something as solemn as the fifth anniversary of 9/11; I will vote against the bill.”

    In fact, the day before, Baldwin voted for a resolution to recognize the importance of establishing a national memorial at the World Trade Center site of the 1993 and 2001 terrorist attacks.

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    Tammy Baldwin Supported 9 Resolutions To Commemorate And Honor The Victims Of 9/11. [2001 H.J.Res.61; 2002 H.Con.Res.464; 2004 H.Res.757; 2005 H.Res.427; 2007 H.Res.643; 2008 H.Res.1420; 2009 H.Res.718; 2010 H.Res.1610; 2011 H.Res.391]

    Baldwin Voted to Recognize the Importance of Commemorating the Victims of the World Trade Center Attacks. On Sept. 12, 2006, Baldwin voted for a resolution to recognize the importance of establishing a national memorial at the World Trade Center site of the 1993 and 2001 terrorist attacks.[Vote # 437, 9/12/2006]

    Congressional Quarterly On Politicization Of 2006 9/11 Anniversary Resolution: “This Year’s Version Was Different.” According to CQ, the resolution honoring the anniversary of 9/11 gets introduced in some form every year since the attacks and is intended to honor the victims, “But this year’s version was different. Taken up 54 days before one of the most pivotal elections in a decade, the measure afforded Republicans and Democrats a platform from which to argue about which party is more determined to prevail in the war on terror.” [CQ Weekly, 9/18/2006]

    Baldwin Supported 9/11 First Responders Health Funding. In 2010, Baldwin supported a bill to provide health care and compensation to people exposed to toxic material after Sept. 11, 2001. The compromise bill provided less money over a shorter term to compensate victims than earlier versions of the bill.  The bill provided $1.5 billion over five years to treat and monitor individuals with medical conditions from exposure to the attacks. New York City would contribute 10 percent of the cost and the Victim Compensation Fund would reopen for five years for claims. Attorneys’ fees would be capped at 10 percent of the total award. The bill imposed a two percent fee on government procurement from foreign companies located in certain countries and a one year extension of fees outsourcing companies would have to pay for certain visas.  “This should not be seen as a Democratic or Republican issue,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said before the vote. “It shouldn’t even been seen as a fiscal issue. It’s a matter of morality, of obligation.” The bill passed, 206-60. [CQ Today, 12/22/10; HR 847, Vote664, 12/22/10]

    Baldwin Voted To Provide Health Care for 9/11 First-Responders. In September 2010, Baldwin voted for providing compensation funding for victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, establishing a medical program and reopening funding for individuals exposed to harmful debris. The bill, formally titled the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, was named after a New York Police Department detective who participated in the ground zero effort and died on symptoms common to first responders. Under the measure, the Department of Health and Human Services would run a 10-year program to treat and monitor those with medical problems from the debris exposure. The program would also research conditions that may be related to the exposure, as well as diagnostic methods and treatment. Enrollment would be capped at 25,000 patients at anytime.  The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the health care and compensation programs would increase spending by $7.4 billion and that New York would be required to cover 10 percent of the cost. Most Republicans opposed the bill over paying for it with revenue generated from placing limits on a tax rule that allows foreign-based companies to use tax treaties to shift income outside the United States and avoid higher tax rates. Texas Rep. Joe Barton referred to the program as a “brand new entitlement program.” The bill passed, 268-160. [CQ Today, 9/29/10; HR 847, Vote550, 9/29/10]

    Baldwin Supported Ground Zero Health Program. In 2010, Baldwin supported establishing a medical program for people exposed to harmful debris from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The program would treat and monitor individuals with medical problems resulting from the attacks or subsequent debris removal, including first-responders, construction workers and residents who lived near the Twin Towers. The measure required the program to research conditions related to exposure as well as diagnostic methods and treatment. New York Democrat Anthony Weiner chided Republicans for “talking about the pay-for and the fine print” as excuses not to vote for the bill, adding that “if you believe that we have a debt to the people that served our country, this is your moment to repay [them].” The bill failed to receive a two-thirds majority to pass, 255-159.  [CQ Today, 7/29/10; HR 847, Vote491, 7/29/10]

    Baldwin Supported Creating More Vet Centers in Wisconsin. On February 13, 2009 Tammy Baldwin signed a letter to Department of Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki requesting he establish more vet centers specifically in Western Wisconsin. Baldwin said, “We note that both Maryland and Massachusetts, which have the same number of veterans as Wisconsin but smaller land areas, each have seven Vet Centers compared to Wisconsin’s three. Meanwhile, as of September 2008, significantly more Wisconsin service members – roughly 5,000 more – have deployed since September 11th, 2001, than have from Massachusetts. This inequity needs to be promptly addressed to ensure Wisconsin’s underserved veterans receive the care they urgently need and have more than earned.”[Letter from 9 Members of Congress to Secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs Eric Shinseki, 2/13/09]

    Baldwin Supported New GI Bill. In 2008, Baldwin voted for an amendment that would create an expanded educational benefit for veterans, imposing a surtax on the very wealthy to offset the costs of the new veterans’ program and suspend implementation of seven Bush administration Medicaid regulations. The amendment appropriated $21.2 billion for domestic programs, military construction and foreign aid programs. It would provide $4.6 billion for military construction and $5.8 billion for levee building in Louisiana. The amendment would provide a permanent expansion of education benefits for post-Sept. 11 veterans, offset with 0.47 percent surtax on modified adjusted gross income above $500,000 per year for individuals and $1 million for couples. It also would temporarily extend unemployment insurance benefits and place a moratorium through March 2009 on seven Medicaid regulations proposed by the administration. It would appropriate $9.9 billion for the State Department, USAID and international food assistance. The amendment passed 256-166 [Vote #330, 5/15/2008; Congressional Quarterly, Congressional Quarterly Weekly, 5/16/08]

    2007: Baldwin Passed The Dr James Allen Veteran Vision Equity Act, Providing Compensation For Certain Blind Veterans. On February 5, 2007, Tammy Baldwin introduced H.R. 797, the Dr James Allen Veteran Vision Equity Act Of 2007. This bill was a reintroduction of similar legislation sponsored by Representative Baldwin in the previous three congresses. The bill modifies the standard for awarding disability compensation to veterans for loss of vision to require payment of compensation for impairment of vision (currently, blindness) involving both eyes due to a service-connected and non service-connected disability. The bill was amended in the House and Senate, however Baldwin’s underlying legislation made it through to be signed by the President and become public law number 110-157 on December 26, 2007. [110th Congress H.R. 797, introduced 2/5/2007]

  • FACT: Tammy Baldwin is standing up for America’s safety and our allies abroad like Israel.

    Over the last decade, Tammy Baldwin has been consistently strong in putting America’s safety first — bar none. Tammy’s legislative record shows she has: fought for policies that keep America safe from terrorists attacks; supported our most important ally in the Middle East, Israel; and voted for tough and smart sanctions against Iran. She’s stood up for our allies and is fighting to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists.

    Following the terrorist attacks on September 11th, Tammy acted swiftly in support of authorization of military force — going after the terrorists and countries connected to terrorism.

    Since she first entered Congress in 1999, Tammy has consistently voted to express solidarity with Israel. She has voted 46 times to extend military and economic aid for Israel. For over a decade, Baldwin has voted for tough sanctions against the Iranian government. Since 2000, she has voted 28 times to sanction or condemn Iran.

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    • Baldwin has voted to sanction and penalize the Palestinian Authority if it unilaterally declares a state independent from Israel. She has voted to condemn terrorist attacks in Israel, insisting that the Palestinian Authority act against terrorist groups in its territory and urging President Bush to apply pressure on the Palestinian leadership to ensure that it does. [Vote #497, 9/27/2000; Vote #474, 12/5/2001]
    • In 2011, Baldwin voted to require the President to impose sanctions on those doing business with the Central Bank of Iran if it is determined the bank is linked to the Iranian weapons program, to provide sanctions for those who help to transfer components of weapons of mass destruction or who sell conventional military goods and technology to Iran, and to expand the list of activities that could trigger sanctions. [House Vote #927, 12/14/2011]
    • And just this year, Baldwin voted to condemn Iran for human rights violations, to increase economic and diplomatic pressure on Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons, to prohibit the issuance of drilling lease to anyone in violation of sanctions on Iran, and to categorize any commercial activity with Iran’s oil and natural gas sectors as a sanctionable offense.[Vote #546, 8/1/2012; Reuters, 8/1/12]
  • FACT: Tammy Baldwin supported the President’s Affordable Care Act and is fighting to bring down the cost of health care for middle class families.

    Tammy Baldwin has been fighting her entire career to make health care more affordable for Wisconsinites, and to take the burden of increasing health care costs off backs of the middle class. Tammy’s worked across party lines time and time again to try to put control back in the hands of families and out of the hands of private insurers and bureaucrats.

    She authored the language in committee to allow young people to stay on their parents’ insurance plans until they turn 26. Tammy is especially proud of having voted to end the practice of insurance companies denying coverage for people with “pre-existing conditions,” as she was a child with a pre-existing condition.

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    • Republican Think Tank Praised Baldwin’s Legislation: It “Explicitly Encourages A Broad Range Of Approaches.” The Heritage Foundation wrote: “Introduced by Representatives Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Tom Price (R-GA), John Tierney (D-MA), and Bob Beauprez (R-CO), H.R. 5864 represents the decision of an ideologically diverse group of Members to break free of the partisan deadlock that has thwarted most congressional action on health care. It does this in two ways. First, it would give the states the central role in proposing practical ways to move forward, including necessary federal action. And second, instead of promoting a single “magic bullet,” the legislation explicitly encourages a broad range of approaches, including initiatives that would appeal to both conservatives and liberals, so that rival approaches can be tested and compared.” [The Heritage Foundation, 8/7/2006]
    • Health Care Reform Allows Millions Of Young Adults To Stay On Their Parents’ Insurance. Because of the Affordable Care Act, 6.6 million more young adults under the age of 26 have been able to stay on their parents’ health care plan.  Without this coverage, 3.1 million of them would have been uninsured.  [Commonwealth Fund, 6/8/12; HHS, 6/19/12]
      • In Wisconsin, 43,000 Young Adults Gained Health Insurance Because Of The Affordable Care Act. []
    • Health Care Reform Protects Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions. In September 2012, ABC News reported: “The Affordable Care Act, on the other hand, created special health care plans in 2010 for people who have  pre-existing conditions, and by 2014 it will prohibit  insurance companies from denying coverage to anyone because of a pre-existing condition.” [ABC News, 9/10/2012]
  • FACT: Tammy Baldwin’s first and foremost priority is fighting for policies that help build Wisconsin’s economy for the middle class.

    Tammy has voted 57 times to cut taxes for the middle class and 34 times to cut taxes for small businesses.

    Unlike Tommy Thompson, Tammy thinks it’s not right that millionaires and billionaires pay a lower rate than middle class families, and she’s fighting to right that wrong. She wants to end tax loopholes that allow individuals earning a million dollars or more annually to pay a lower rate and bring about a fairer tax system so that everyone is playing by the same rules and everyone is doing their fair share.

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    • Baldwin Voted to Extend Bush Tax Cuts to Low-And-Middle Income Americans, Eliminate Cuts For Wealthy. On December 02, 2010, Baldwin voted for legislation that would make permanent the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, also known as the Bush tax cuts, on income under $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for married couples. It would eliminate the tax breaks for the top two percent of Americans, saving $70 billion over the next ten years. The extensions would also include current lower tax rates for capital gains and dividends, elimination of the “marriage penalty” and an expansion of the increased child tax credit. [Vote #604, 12/2/2010; Congressional Quarterly Today, 12/2/10]
    • Tammy Baldwin Supported Job Creation through Aiding Small Businesses.  On March 4, 2010 Tammy Baldwin supported a measure that would provide small business who hired unemployed workers with a pay roll tax holiday and a $1,000 tax credit for every new employee retained 52 weeks. Baldwin said, “Putting Wisconsinites back to work is my number one priority…I am using every tool available to put Wisconsinites back to work now. Today’s measure marks another step forward, but I won’t be satisfied until all Americans who are seeking a job can find one.” [Tammy Baldwin Press Release, 3/4/10]
    • Baldwin Voted for $7.6 Billion Extension of Corporate R&D Tax Credit. In September 2004, Baldwin voted for the Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004, part of which was the extension of the corporate research and development tax credit until 2005, the cost which was $7.6 billion, according to the AP. [Vote #472, 9/23/2004; AP, 9/23/04]
    • Baldwin Supported Budget that Protected Middle Class Taxpayers. In 2007, Baldwin voted for the fiscal year 2008 budget conference report that began to reverse six years of Republican fiscal mismanagement, provided for middle-class tax relief and would return the budget to balance – reaching a surplus of $41 billion in 2012 – without raising taxes.   The budget supported middle class tax relief, including an extension of marriage penalty relief, the child tax credit, and the 10 percent bracket.  The budget also supported reform of the estate tax to protect small businesses and family farms.  The budget passed 214-209.  [Vote #377, 5/17/2007; House Budget Committee, Conference Agreement on the FY 2008 Budget Resolution: Building on the “Six for ’06, 5/24/07; House Budget Committee, Overview of FY2008 Budget Conference Agreement, 5/16/07]
    • Baldwin Voted for the Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004. In September 2004, Baldwin voted for the Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004, which would extend the $1,000 per child tax credit through 2009, the upper limit for the current 10 percent bracket through 2010 and tax breaks for married couples through 2008. It also would provide a one-year extension of current income exemptions from the alternative minimum tax and extend the expiring research and development tax credit through 2005. [Vote #472, 9/23/2004]
  • FACT: Tommy’s tax plan would give massive tax breaks to millionaires like himself, and pay for those cuts with tax increases on the middle class.

    Tommy has vowed to pass the Ryan Budget, which would give an average extra tax break of $265,000 to millionaires. The Ryan Budget disproportionately benefits wealthy Americans while leaving the middle class in the cold. Even still, Tommy calls it “the right plan at the right time for America.”

    Tommy’s plan pays for tax giveaways to the wealthiest Americans with tax increases on the middle class. The Joint Economic Committee has found that this plan could raise middle class taxes by over a thousand dollars per family.

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    • Tommy has promised to pass the Ryan Budget. He has boasted that it is the “right plan at the right time for America.” [RPW Convention, 5/12/12]
    • The Ryan Budget would give an extra $265,000 tax cut to millionaires. According to the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities, the Ryan Budget would give individuals making over $1 million a year an average extra tax cut of $265,000. This is on top of the $129,000 tax cut they would receive from an extension of the Bush tax cuts. In exchange for these massive tax cuts for the very rich, average Americans would lose their traditional Medicare, have a harder time affording college, and see jobs being shipped abroad. [Tax Policy Center, 3/23/12; CBPP, 3/27/12]
    • Tommy and Paul Ryan’s plan would raise taxes on middle class families.  A Joint Economic Committee analysis of their tax plan found: “For households making less than $200,000, removing the tax deductions, making 401(k) contributions subject to taxes, and eliminating the exclusion for employer‐provided health insurance outweighs the benefit of the lower tax rates in the Ryan plan. The net effect is that a typical household earning between $50,000 and $100,000 and filing jointly will face a tax increase under the Ryan plan of $1,358, assuming the additional income is taxed at a 10 percent rate. If those households end up in the 25 percent tax bracket, their additional tax burden would more than double to $2,938. For households with incomes between $100,000 and $200,000, the tax increase is $2,681.” [Joint Economic Committee, 6/20/12]
  • FACT: Tommy Thompson left Wisconsin for Washington and went to work for George W. Bush, where he cut a sweetheart deal with drug companies that increased the cost to taxpayers.

    Tommy was the “point man” on a plan to make it illegal for the government to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. That deal proved to be a windfall for pharmaceuticals and a boondoggle for seniors and taxpayers, who now pay up to 30 percent more for prescriptions that they could have received more affordably, had it not been for Tommy’s giveaway.

    Tommy then went from regulating pharmaceuticals to advising them. He cashed in on his special interest connections by taking on these same drug companies as clients.

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    • Tommy “quarterbacked” a sweetheart deal through Congress that prohibits Medicare from negotiating lower prescription drug prices for seniors. In a speech to the Wisconsin Counties Association in September 2012, Tommy said he “quarterbacked Medicare Part D through the Congress.” [Wisconsin Counties Association, 9/24/2012]
    • That sweetheart deal barred the government from bargaining for lower prescription drug costs in Medicare, like it can for the Veterans’ Administration and Medicaid. The New York Times reported: “Drugs tend to be cheaper under the Medicaid programs because the states are the buyers and by law they receive the lowest available prices for drugs. But in creating the federal Part D program, Congress — in what critics saw as a sop to the drug industry — barred the government from having a negotiating role. Instead, prices are worked out between drug makers and the dozens of large and small Part D drug plans run by commercial insurers.” [New York Times, 7/18/2006]
    • Tommy’s Sweetheart Deal Has Been a “Windfall” For The Pharmaceutical Industry. The New York Times reported: “The pharmaceutical industry is beginning to reap a windfall from a surprisingly lucrative niche market: drugs for poor people. And analysts expect the benefits to show up in many of the quarterly financial results that drug makers will begin posting this week. The windfall, which by some estimates could be $2 billion or more this year, is a result of the transfer of millions of low-income people into the new Medicare Part D drug program that went into effect in January. ” [New York Times, 7/18/2006]
    • These huge drug company profits come at the expense of seniors and taxpayers. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform found that taxpayers are paying up to 30% more for prescription drugs under Medicare Part D than under the Medicaid program for the poor, which allows for negotiating for lower drug prices. [Los Angeles Times, 7/25/2008]
    • Since leaving the Bush Administration, Tommy has received over $700,000 from the pharmaceutical industry. [Personal Financial Disclosure, filed 8/13/2007; Personal Financial Disclosure, filed 1/27/2012; Curaxis SEC form S-1/A, 12/8/05; United Therapeutics SEC form DEF 14A, 4/30/2012]
    • Tommy also held millions in stock in the pharmaceutical industry. In January 2012, Thompson reported owning between $1.2 million and $2.9 million in stock in the pharmaceutical industry. [Personal Financial Disclosure, filed 1/27/2012]
  • FACT: Tommy Thompson wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program.

    While Tommy Thompson’s campaign ads might say he’s going to promise to protect Medicare, behind closed doors he told Tea Party members earlier this summer, “Who better than me… To do away with Medicaid and Medicare?”

    Tommy Thompson’s true agenda is the Romney-Ryan plan, which would end Medicare as we know it for future generations and give seniors a voucher for the private insurance market.

    This plan is opposed by seniors groups including the AARP and will, according to independent analysis, increase out-of-pocket costs for America’s seniors by nearly $6,000.

    Tommy Thompson has a long and well-documented record of supporting ending Medicare as we know it.

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    • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Sounds Like Thompson Is Endorsing Ryan’s Shift To A Much More Privatized Medicare System For Future Retirees.” Reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “He calls his approach ‘Ryan Plan Plus.’ ‘Medicare is going broke, which will result in dramatically higher out-of-pocket costs for services. People will choose the private insurance option. A market-based solution like this will win out over government-run health care, which I’ve always opposed,’ he said. That sounds like Thompson is endorsing Ryan’s shift to a much more privatized Medicare system for future retirees, without formally ending traditional Medicare.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/2/11]
    • The Republican Budget Plan Ends Traditional Medicare And Increases Out-Of-Pocket Health Care Costs For Seniors By As Much As $5,900.  The Republican Budget II will replace traditional Medicare and its guaranteed benefits and instead give seniors vouchers to purchase private insurance or Medicare.  As with the first Republican Budget, the value of the vouchers would not keep up with the rising cost of health care.  Once again, insurance companies would reap big profits as seniors would be forced to pay as much as $5,900 more for the benefits they have now.  [CBO, 3/20/12; CBPP, 3/20/12]
    • Politifact: “Thompson Said Government-Run Medicare Could Disappear If People Are Allowed To Opt Out Of It.” In June 2012, Politifact reported: “In his 2011 remarks, Thompson said government-run Medicare could disappear if people are allowed to opt out of it.” [Politifact, 6/28/2012]
    • Thompson Argued He Was Best Equipped To “Do Away With Medicaid And Medicare.” Reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in June 2012, “Thompson touted his experience in trying to deal with health care costs. He said he wanted to ‘save’ Medicare from fiscal collapse but also talked about changing it like he changed welfare in Wisconsin – which he said he eliminated. ‘Who better than me, (who’s) already finished one of the entitlement programs and come up with programs to do away with Medicaid and Medicare?’ Thompson said.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/22/12]
    • Politifact: Baldwin Accurately Repeated Thompson’s Statement That He Would “Do Away With Medicare.” According to a June 2012 Politifact fact check, “Baldwin claimed that Thompson ‘said he wanted, quote, to do away with Medicare.’ He did say it, acknowledges he did not misspeak, and Baldwin accurately repeats the phrase.” [Politifact, 6/28/12]
    • Thompson Says He Would Be The 51st Vote To Pass The Paul Ryan Plan. On Monday, August 13, 2012, Tommy Thompson’s campaign released a radio ad in which the voiceover says: “vote Tommy Thompson, the 51st vote to repeal Obamacare and pass Paul Ryan’s Pathways To Prosperity budget.” [Thompson radio ad,  8/13/12]
    • AARP: Ryan’s Plan Would Increase Health Care Costs For Older Americans. AARP CEO Addison Barry Rand wrote to Members of Congress on House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget resolution. In the letter, Rand wrote: “this proposal simply shifts these high and growing costs onto Medicare beneficiaries, and it then shifts even higher costs of increased uninsured care onto everyone else […] By creating a ‘premium support’ system for future Medicare beneficiaries, the proposal is likely to simply increase costs for beneficiaries while removing Medicare’s promise of secure health coverage — a guarantee that future seniors have contributed to through a lifetime of hard work.” [AARP Letter, 3/21/12]
  • FACT: Tommy Thompson left Wisconsin to work for one of the top lobbying firms in Washington, DC with clients like big oil and big pharma.

    Tommy Thompson has been dealing in the special interests since he left the Bush Administration. His deep ties to big pharma, his work at one of Washington’s biggest lobbying firms, and his time spent cutting deals all led to the Journal Sentinel dubbing Thompson, “Tommy Inc.”

    While Baldwin has been taking on the special interests, Thompson has been taking them on as clients. And he’s been fattening his wallet while doing so.

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    • Journal Sentinel Called Thompson “Tommy Inc” For Cashing In As A Lobbyist. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote: “You could call him Tommy Inc. A year after leaving office as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Tommy G. Thompson has assembled a vast portfolio of private sector pursuits, many in health care, where he capped his 38-year government career. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/26/06]
    • Thompson Went From Regulating Pharmaceuticals To Advising Them. In an editorial, the Capital Times wrote: “As secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Thompson was charged with keeping tabs on pharmaceutical companies. Now he has accepted an “advisory” position with Alfacell, which is expected to soon file a major new drug application with the Food and Drug Administration.” [Editorial, Capital Times, 1/20/2006]
    • Politifact: “Thompson Has Sold His Influence And Connections To Firms To Whom It Would Benefit On Capitol Hill.” In August 2012, Politifact Wisconsin reported: “On the other hand, it’s clear that Thompson has sold his influence and connections to firms to whom it would benefit on Capitol Hill, but did so in a way — as a consultant — to avoid having to register.” [Politifact Wisconsin, 8/10/12]
    • Ethics Watchdog Called Thompson “The Most Prodigious Corporate Advisor” Of The Bush Administration. An ethics watchdog group reported: “Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released Revolving Door, a first-ever comprehensive look into the activities of 24 members of President Bush’s cabinet. The most prodigious corporate advisor appears to be former Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson, who has worked for 42 different companies since leaving the Bush administration.” [Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, 1/12/09]